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Funny Thanksgiving Pictures

25 Nov 2014, Posted by Anthony in Funny

I believe everyone should have a good giggle this holiday. here are the top 8 pictures that will make you fall out of your chair and roll on the ground in laughter.  

Top Old School Concerts Filmed Live

10 Jul 2014, Posted by Anthony in Uncategorized

Who wishes they could experience old school concerts, once again? Interested in experiencing old school concerts that you attended back in the day? In memory of Throwback Thursday, you can now stream these concerts for free through your computer, tablet, or phone; for better sound,…

Two things we love, here at GoAdvanz is music, and portability. Motorola has announced, at the CES Consumer Show in Las Vegas, they will be bringing a Motorola watch to the market. Now all of you might be asking, when did Motorola start manufacturing watches….

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