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About GoAdvanz

About GoAdvanz – Manufacturer of Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet products to enhance lifestyles



Here’s something about GoAdvanz : We are a division of Sunrich Technology with a purpose to bring lifestyle consumer products to every home in order to in-rich lives and encourage adventures. We are experts in the design and manufacturing of Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet products but, more so, we bring new ideas that change how we do our everyday life. We offer the latest in innovation and technology in order to achieve our ultimate goal, which is providing the world with opportunity to create a lively and off-the-hook dance fest, without limitations. GoAdvanz plans on launching many new and innovative products that continue to enhance lifestyles in every country.


The latest innovations are Bluetooth wireless and Gigabit Ethernet networking products. These products offer incredible speed and ease-of-use to enhance your lifestyle at home, both indoors and outdoors.

about goadvanz - innovation


Our company is privately held with the headquarter office located in Sunnyvale, California.

About GoAdvanz
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